Memories of Home

Posted on 11/27/2018

Ellie Hawkins had the perfect life until a brush with death stole it all away--including her memories of everything that came before. Desperate to find herself again, she checks herself into Anchorage's Memory Ranch.

At first she finds the healing resort restful, but then the nightmares start. And they all end with him walking out of her life, never to return. She wishes she could remember his name and why he left, but the only thing she knows for sure is how her heart reacts to the whispers of his memory.

Finding him is the key to recovery, but she doesn't know where to look or if he'd even be willing to talk to her again. Because when she begins to remember who she was, she finds she doesn't like that person very much. Is it too late for Ellie to make a change, or was the accident that nearly killed her a true blessing in disguise? Will she find her mystery man, and might he give her a second chance to reclaim what they lost?

Find out in this moving tale filled with faith, horses, and the unyielding power of love. Pre-order your copy today!